Plenty Global Hackathon

December 21, 2021 - February 23, 2022

About Plenty Global Hackathon


Adding value to the platform by

  • Adding more projects/functionalities to the plenty ecosystem
  • Hiring expert blockchain developers to the plenty-defi team


Sustainable Decentralized Finance

The theme for the Plenty Global Hackathon 1.0 is Sustainable DeFi.

Tezos is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain that consumes over two million times less energy than Proof of Work networks like Bitcoin or Ethereum. The low carbon footprint of Tezos means developers and users can prioritize innovation without compromising sustainability.

The hackathon aims to bring together brilliance from all around the world to ideate and build more solutions on top of the existing Plenty protocol. Use the existing Plenty smart contracts and scripts to increase the sustainability of the Plenty protocol.

Plenty Global Hackathon invites builders to expand Defi use cases on Tezos

  • Plenty Global Hackathon is one of the largest Tezos hackathon with over $30,000 USD in prizes and $50,000 USD in potential grants
  • Co-organized by Plenty defiTezos India Plenty Hackathon challenges participants to ideate & build solutions/hacks on top of the existing Plenty DeFi ecosystem

What is Plenty Global Hackathon?

This global hackathon invites developers from all walks of life to come and participate in a two month-long event. Challenge yourself and help expand the Plenty protocol with your own idea, or based on a wide variety of use cases: a Plenty IDO Launchpad, Widgets, a Plenty Developer SDK, Bots, NFTs, Farm Auctions, UI/UX enhancements for plenty & Ctez, Flat AMM curve implementation. Check out this Notion for the detailed explanation of these use cases.

The Hackathon is divided into two phases - the ideation phase and implementation phase. During the ideation phase, participants can create a proposal for an idea according to the theme. We plan to reward three best ideas submitted during the ideation phase.

Idea owners can then collaborate with interested developers/designers , re-organize their teams and implement the same during the implementation phase.


Through the Hackathon we want to embed an innovation-driven culture by solving real-world challenges. Showcase your skills at our hackathon and win amazing prizes.

$30k+ in prizes that will be distributed in the following pools:

⭐️ Defined Use Cases: $24000 (In Plenty)

⭐️ Open DeFi Track: $5,500 (In Plenty)

⭐️ Community Choice Reward: $1,000 (In Plenty)

  • The top 5 shortlisted projects have the opportunity to receive a follow-on grant of up to $10,000 each.
  • Best 3 ideas submitted during the ideation phase will receive an additional $250 prize each. - NFT Certificate / NFT (Plenty logo) to all the Registration for the Plenty Global Hackathon will close on 3rd December 2021.

About Plenty defi:

Plenty is expanding DeFi use cases on Tezos towards a full-scale decentralized financial ecosystem. Empowering traders, liquidity providers & developers to participate in an open financial marketplace.

The Plenty Automated Market Maker (AMM) is designed for exchanging both FA1.2 and FA2 tokens on the Tezos blockchain. The smart contracts allow users to trade trustlessly, peer-to-peer, with liquidity that is supplied by other users. The architecture is based on Uniswap V2.



Prize money of $4500 (in Plenty)

  • Basic NFTs - $1500
  • Generative / AI NFTs- $3000

Flat curve implementation

Prize money of $3000 (in Plenty)

Open DeFi track on Plenty

Prize money of $5500

  • 1st Place - $3000
  • 2nd Place - $1500
  • 3rd Place - $1000

Content Marketing

Prize money of $1000 (Will be awarded for 4 best teams $250 each)

New UI / UX for PlentyDeFi

Prize money of $1500 (in Plenty)

Farm Auction

Prize money of $3000 (in Plenty)

Plenty Developer SDK

Prize money of $1500 (in Plenty)

Widgets / Integrations

Prize money of $3000 (in Plenty)

Plenty IDO Launchpad

Prize money of $3000 (in Plenty)


Prize money of $3500 (in Plenty)

  • Notification bot - $500
  • Arbitrage bot - $1500
  • Farming bot - $1500


For the event schedule, visit


Anyone is welcome to participate - newcomers, advanced coders, students, working professionals, blockchain enthusiasts, web2 developers who are curious about crypto/web3 and others. Participation is based on your interest in Tezos Blockchain, Plenty ecosystem and ability to build products that delight users.

Absolutely! Our events are open to both beginners and veterans. We have special content & support available for hackers who are new to the space.

New on Tezos? See more on this ➡️ HERE

Haven't hear about Plenty? See more on this ➡️ HERE

Participation in the hackathon is free. Plenty is sponsoring the hackathon in collaboration with Tezos India and Devfolio. You can learn more about Plenty ➡️ HERE

Our Discord space will be your go-to if/when you are having any issues! We have an incredible team of Experts, Advisors and Mentors that are here to get you back on track! The Plenty team is also always available to answer any questions you may have and to point you in the right direction

Join our Discord here:

We will accept all submissions from teams that build their projects on the problem statements suggested. You are welcome to build anything that fits into the objective of the hackathon. You can also take cues and re-form your teams after the proposals are submitted in the ideation phase.

Yes, you may submit your project as a team (maximum of 4). Good teams will typically have a mix of design and developer skills.

Applications will close at 11:59 PM IST, 19 December 2021.

Speakers and Judges


Gather Town
Tezos India
WazirX: India Ka Bitcoin Exchange

December 21, 2021 - February 23, 2022